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Problems with your behaviour, emotions, psyche?  Relationship problems?  Trouble with your kids? At work? Yourself?

Everything you do is influenced by the mind of your Second Brain… the brain in the gut. This is the mind that sets the scene for your outlook, your mode of responding to situations and people, and your expectations. This is also where all your past emotional experiences are stored, sometimes blocking your system or warping your view of the world. Whatever the situation, our Workshops guide you through a new understanding of the workings of the psyche in order for you to gain the know-how you need to make changes for the better – in your relationships, communication, outlook, at work, and in your capacities and motivation

Our WORKSHOPS  are easy-to-follow, interactive sessions that allow you to get a completely different angle on the various aspects of your life including your relationships. You are guided through a step-by-step understanding of how the mind of your Second Brain influences what you do, how you think and feel, and how you interact with others so as to allow you to bring about positive changes in whatever areas of your life are causing dissatisfaction or stress of some sort. For this reason, they are described as “wellness workshops“. Because they address the core aspects of one’s behaviour and psyche, they lead you to the core of the matter within just a few hours.


Each Workshop focuses on a particular aspect of life. Just choose the topic you feel you want to deal with first to start with, and then you can move on to the others.


  1. LOVE RELATIONSHIPS. Getting a grip on the hidden dynamics of the Second Brain, and insight into basic personality traits that affect couples.

  2. PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP: understanding the hidden mechanisms of the Second Brain in children, and learning how to guide them and manage their different personalities.

  3. WORK-RELATED RELATIONSHIPS: how to use the mind of the Second Brain to trigger constructive dynamics and interactions.

  4. PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL and BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS: understanding the emotional dynamics of the Second Brain in order to gain control of yourself.

  5. PSYCHOSOMATIC AILMENTS the mind of the Second Brain as root cause of psychosomatic ailments.

  6. FOOD: FRIEND or FIEND – how the psyche of the Second Brain affects our way of interaction with food – solutions.

  7. ART: how the mind of the Second Brain affects symbolism, style and effect. How to make the most of of the creativity

To book a Workshop, call us on (+39) 06-7061.4027 / 393.9239902, phone your nearest Contact or Operator, or send an email to:


Only Operators who have been trained and authorized by the IC institute are qualified to provide  workshops header for site WORKSHOPS.

In oder to SAFEGUARD the QUALITY of our SERVICES, please do not hesitate to inform us of doubts or problems regarding them.

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