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Second Brain Psychology sbpfavicon introduces a broader understanding of the workings of the human psyche and a cutting-edge method for treating psychological problems, emotional imbalances, behavioural problems and difficulties in relationships.

One of the fundamental aspects of this method is that it considers the functions of the human psyche to be composed of two minds: the mind of the brain in the head and the mind of the brain in the gut, scientifically known asSecond Brain’.

The mind of the Second Brain has an important influence on psycho-emotional well-being because it deals with all the primary emotional processes as well as behaviour. It also is responsible for our motivational drives. A state of balance between the mind of the Second Brain and the logical mind of the head is fundamental. However, this balance can be disrupted when the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain goes into a state of overload due to blocked emotions. The Emotional Memory of the Second Brain registers all our emotions from birth onwards. This is why emotional blocks often do not respond to strategies based on rationality.

For a general overview of this approach, which has been used to successfully treat a very wide range of psychological, emotional and behavioural problems as well as psychosomatic ailments of various kinds, read the brief introductory chapter of the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology by clicking here, or read the chapter on the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain in the preview of the same book by clicking here.

Treatment with this method is aimed primarily at the processes of the mind of the Second Brain since this is where the root of the problem generally lies. This includes the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain.

Treatment involves an initial in-depth assessment of the person’s general psycho-emotional structure which takes into account both the mind of the Second Brain and the mind of the head and assesses which blocks are overloading the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain and causing an imbalance. Psychological, emotional, behavioural and psychosomatic problems are usually the result of an imbalance between the two minds. This preliminary diagnostic procedure is necessary in order to be able to proceed.

To get a close look at how the mind of your Second Brain is influencing your life, and how to interact with this mind o get the best out of yourself and your life, check out our very special  workshops header for site Workshops which cover a number of different topics including relationships, work, performance and psychosomatic issues. Within just a few hours, you will take away with a whole new understanding that you will be able to actively use to better your life.

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