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Parents often have a hard job with their children and find themselves having to cope with behavioural or emotional problems that they had not foreseen. These problems are often due to the emotional mind of the Second Brain and to the personality traits and psycho-emotional attitude derived from this mind. All children are born with an innate temperament and an innate attitude towards each of the genders. This attitude is the result of the symbolic roles that the psyche of the Second Brain allots to the genders, hence also to the parent figures. It i s important for parents to understand each child’s innate temperament and psycho-emotional needs in order to avoid psycho-emotional lacks which can translate into psychological and behavioural problems of various kinds including insecurity and aggressiveness .

Second Brain Psychology sbpfavicon provides an in-depth treatment of these behavioural and psycho-emotional problems which takes into account the child’s basic psycho-emotional make-up, referred to as the Emotional Matrix of the Second Brain, as explained in the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology.

Parents, teachers and child-carers can greatly benefit from our easy-to-follow  SBP logo_2017Workshops which provide a practical knowledge of how the mind of the Second Brain works and how to deal with the different types of emotional temperaments and with emotional, psychological or behavioural imbalances in children and youngsters.

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