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Fear is a necessary emotion and serves to warn us about dangers. It is, in fact, part of our survival mechanism. However, when we suffer from fear about things that do not actually represent a danger to us, this means that our perception of reality is being influenced by experiences of the past registered in the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain (one of the fundamental concepts of Second Brain Psychology sbpfavicon ).

The Second Brain is the  scientific name for the brain of the gut, which has a mind of its own. This is where our ‘gut feelings’ and emotional responses originate, and also where they are stored. Certain emotions are difficult to digest, especially during childhood when the logical functions of the brain in the head are less developed. When this happens, the mind of the Second Brain gets overloaded and this often produces an overflow of emotions which can take the form of uncontrollable fear towards everyday things such as the dark, open spaces, insects, animals, being alone and so on.

Although these fears might sometimes seem normal, they are usually a signal of undigested experiences of the past which are interfering with the interaction between the logical mind of the head and the emotional mind of the Second Brain, with the emotional mind taking over in these circumstances. Sometimes these fears diminish on their own as a result of positive experiences which have allowed us to digest them at an unconscious level. However, in time the person often develops a state of anxiety which can even lead to unexpected panic attacks. This happens because life itself produces emotions, and when the emotional mind has got blocks, these interfere with our emotional processes. As a result of this, the Emotional Memory gets more and more overloaded.

The solution to this type of problem lies in freeing the emotional mind of the blocked emotions. This re-balances the interaction between the two minds and the logical mind of the head is able to take over without effort.
Treatment with Second Brain Psychology is aimed precisely at removing these blocks by means of a special procedure which allows the emotional mind to re-process and digest the blocked emotional experiences of the past.

Treatment with this method has proved very successful with people of all ages, including young children. the exact age at which it is possible to intervene depends on the child’s psycho-emotional structure and developmental stage, which can vary a lot from person to person.

It is also possible to achieve improvement of certain fears by participating in a SBP logo_2017 Workshop. Click here to find out more.

Read more about Second Brain Psychology sbpfavicon in the preview of the book ‘You, Me and Second Brain Psychology‘.

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