Psychosomatic problems

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Most people are familiar with the concept of psychosomatic ailments i.e. physical disorders deriving from mental causes. Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7 *, however, introduces a new angle on the subject by throwing light on the workings of the mind of the Second Brain (the brain of the gut) and its role in the body-mind interconnection.

The mind of the Second Brain, which is driven by emotions and is directly linked to all the bodily functions, has its own memory referred to as the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain. Once this memory gets overloaded or blocked, the body is subjected to physiological changes brought about by the molecules of emotion and by psycho-active substances, such as serotonin, which are produced in the Second Brain (as described in Michael Gershon’s book The Second Brain). This interferes with bodily functions and gives rise to physical disorders and ailments. 

Treatment with Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7  is particularly effective because it works on the root of the problem by allowing the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain to get free of these emotional blocks. This comes by activating the emotional processes of the mind of the Second Brain, which plays a central role in the workings of the psyche.

You can learn how to tune in to the mind of the Second Brain in order to improve psychological and physical wellbeing by attending a SBP logo_2017Workshop.

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* as described in the book “You, Me and Second Brain Psychology by Armando Ingegnieri – see preview online.

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