Psychological problems

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Psychological problems affect more people than one might imagine.

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, insecurity, obsessions, compulsive behaviour, phobias, hypochondria (fear of falling ill), claustrophobia (fear of closed places), agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and bipolar disorder are just a few examples of common problems caused by an imbalance of the psyche.

Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7 provides a new approach to these problems and an innovative and effective method of treatment which allows one to get the root of the problem. This new outlook on the workings of the psyche includes the psycho-emotional processes of the mind of the Second Brain  (commonly referred to as ‘the brain of the gut’) and of the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain.

This means that the psyche is governed by two minds in interaction (as described in the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology by Armando Ingegnieri), and when the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain gets overloaded, we can lose control of our emotions.

Treatment with Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7 is aimed specifically at reprocessing the emotions that are overloading the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain by interacting with the psyche of the Second Brain. This is why it is so efficient.

We also offer SBP logo_2017 Workshops which allow you to understand how the mind of the Second Brain influences your psyche and how these problems come about. These in-depth Workshops guide you into a whole new understanding of your psyche and behaviour.  In most cases, simply understanding these mechanisms produces an immediate improvement due to the conscious alignment of the rational mind with the psycho-emotional processes of the mind of the Second Brain. 

Alarm signalsclick here for examples of psycho-emotional states and behaviour caused by an overload of the mind of the Second Brain

Click here for examples of symptoms and disorders treated with this method

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