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Second Brain Psychology sbpfavicon provides a comprehensive understanding of the learning process and of the mechanisms which trigger motivation and attention. These, together with the capacity to assimilate and memorize, are fundamental aspects of learning and depend, to a large extent, on the psycho-emotional processes of the mind of the Second Brain.

Emotions, therefore, greatly influence these processes. That is why when the mind of the Second Brain is overloaded or blocked, it can no longer function properly and interferes with the rational functions of the mind of the head by sending a constant stream of emotional input. This happens when the Emotional Memory, which is situated in the Second Brain, is overloaded due to events of the past or of the present which have caused emotional build-up.

To overcome this problem, it is necessary to allow the mind of the Second Brain to digest these blocked emotions. This can be done by means of a particular method of treatment which interacts with the psyche of the Second Brain, both to free it of its blocks and to re-align it with the rational mind of the head so as to maximize one’s mental faculties.

In addition to treatment, one can attend a SBP logo_2017 Workshop in order to understand and to tune into the mind of the Second Brain so as to improve attention span, memory and motivation.

Read more in the book ‘You, Me and Second Brain Psychology‘ by Armando Ingegnieri which is available for viewing online.

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