Some examples of psycho-emotional states, behaviour and ailments caused by an overload of the mind of the Second Brain:

■        indecision
■        forgetfulness
■        repetitive thoughts
■        repetitive behaviour / actions
■        mood swings
■        insatiable hunger
■        lack of appetite
■        diminished sexual desire / compulsive sexual desire
■        eyesight or hearing problems
■        frequent guilt feelings
■        frequent irritability / rage
■        hypersensitivity towards everyday situations
■        indifference towards people or things
■        constant state of agitation or anxiety
■        altered perception of reality
■        gastro-intestinal troubles, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation
■        chronic headaches
■        sweaty hands/feet
■        trembling hands/legs
■        feeling of insecurity /extreme shyness
■        need for strong emotions
■        need to avoid emotions
■        compulsive spending / buying
■        compulsive saving / keeping things

For a more complete list, refer to the Chapter called “Psychological disorders and distress” on page 225 of the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology by Armando Ingegnieri.

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