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The IC institute, known in Italy as Ingegneri della Comunicazione, was founded in 1999 by Armando Ingegnieri, Ph.D., founder of Second Brain Psychology, an in-depth comprehensive approach to the psyche which integrates the psycho-emotional functions of the Second Brain – the brain of the gut – which play a key role in the human psyche and behaviour.

The IC institute is an officially recognized training centre for University degree and post-degree students studying Psychology, by Rome University ‘La Sapienza’ and by the University of Pavia. Trainees are introduced to Second Brain Psychology and encouraged to first apply its basic principles to their own lives as a starting point for understanding others in their psychological complexities. The aim is to allow students to gain insight into their own psychological make-up and dynamics and therefore approach others from a less subjective viewpoint, this being a core aspect of Second Brain Psychology.

Link to IC institute in Rome University database:


Link to IC institute in the University of Pavia database: reserved for registered members only.

The IC institute has held Courses in Second Brain Psychology for public school teachers and heads. The Courses were officially approved by the Italian Ministry of Education (M.I.U.R.)

The IC institute is the official body representing Second Brain Psychology. It holds teaching and training courses of all levels including Training for Certified Operators and Counsellors in Second Brain Psychology who work as freelance members of the IC network providing specialized services in Second Brain Psychology including Workshops, mentoring and mental coaching.

The IC institute regularly carries out voluntary work to promote psycho-emotional wellbeing as a contribution to society.

The IC institute also promotes self-awareness and improved human relations through cultural events of various kinds.


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