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In any work context, outlook and mindset set the scene for the way individuals respond to their duties, to their challenges and to others.Interaction and motivation stem from a combination of innate outlook and acquired attitudes, both of which are intimately linked to the workings of the primeval mind situated in the brain of the gut, scientifically referred to as Second Brain¬†(see Michael D. Gershon “The Second Brain” 1996).¬†

Second Brain Psychologysbpfavicon (as described in the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology Armando Ingegnieri, Ph.D.) leads us behind the scenes into the land of the Emotional Matrixes of the Second Brain allowing us to understand what triggers motivation, and the reasons for basic differences in approach, outlook, response, decision-making and behaviour including aspects such as the different thinking modes as outlined by Daniel Kahneman (“Thinking, Fast and Slow“, Daniel Kahneman).

The emotional mind of the Second Brain and the rational mind of the brain in the head interact in a number of ways giving rise to different styles of behaviour and response and to varying degrees of logical or emotional involvement. This is also due to what is registered in the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain. It is important to assess these behind-the-scenes factors in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the mechanisms involved and a better management of human resources and potential.

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