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Some symptoms and disorders treated with this method:

□        anxiety; panic attacks
□        indecision; difficulty in making decisions
□        insecurity; fears; phobias; compulsions; manias
□        dependencies; addictions
□        anger; rage; aggressiveness
□        demotivation; apathy; depression
□        grieving; sadness
□        hyper-sensitivity
□        hyper-activity
□        hyper-rationality
□        hypochondria
□        bipolar disorder
□        auditory hallucinations
□        mood swings
□        relationship problems with partner; family; kids; friends: at work;
□        dependencies on relationships
□        dependencies on activities including videogames, internet, gambling
□        dependencies and addictions to substances including drugs, alcohol, food
□        learning difficulties
□        memory problems
□        suicide; suicidal tendencies
□        psychosis

For further examples and information, refer to the Chapter “Psychological disorders and distress” on page 225 of the book  You, Me and Second Brain Psychology by Armando Ingegnieri, founder of Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7.


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