The IC Ingegneri della Comunicazione institute of psychology and counseling is the home of Second Brain Psychologypath6475-3-7, an approach developed by clinical psychologist Armando Ingegnieri, Ph.D., founder member and President of the institute.

The services supplied by IC-Ingegneri della Comunicazione are all based on this particular approach and method.

The services include: 

Psychological interventions for:    

Treatment of psychological problems in adults and children.

Treatment of behavioural problems in adult and children.

Treatment of psycho-emotional imbalances in adults and children.

Treatment of dependencies and bipolar disorder.

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

Peak performance, crisis resolution and crisis management.


Workshops for: 

-      improving personal and work relationships.

-      stress management.

-      management of human resources.

-      improving family dynamics.

-      understanding how the psyche of the Second Brain causes psychological and    psychosomatic problems.

-      overcoming issues in various areas of one’s life.

-      motivation.


Counseling in the field of art, relationships, communication, motivation, management, teaching, and in a number of other fields.

Courses of various kinds.



  IC Ingegneri della Comunicazione is an officially recognized authorized Centre for the training of graduate    and postgraduate students of psychology of the following Italian Universities:

  • ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Italy
  • University of Pavia, Italy


  Armando Ingegnieri

  • Clinical Psychologist, Member of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio, Italy (Membership n. 8147)
  • Trained both in Italy and abroad
  • President and Founder of IC-Ingegneri della Comunicazione
  • Founder of Second Brain Psychologysbpfavicon
  • Author of the book ‘You, Me and Second Brain Psychology’ (original version in Italian: ‘L’individuo e la Psicologia del Secondo Cervello’, Rome, Italy, 2012 (Ed. Autentica Editore)
  • Member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta






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