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No matter what field you work in, moments of crisis, whether it be in relation to performance, decision-making, self-control, emotional overload or stress, can affect anyone, often out of the blue. This sometimes happens because of external situations while other times it can be due to inner stress caused by personal situations, or circumstances which are difficult to manage.

Second Brian Psychologysbpfavicon can really make the difference in situations of stress which can make you lose your grip or interfere with your skills and potential. Stress is often not just the result of work pressures but caused by an accumulation of negative emotions which can even include emotions from situations of the past. We can be unaware of this background level of inner pressure; however, when external situations put us under pressure, we can suddenly feel extremely overloaded emotionally. Negative or stressful experiences of the present and of the past can build up and end up creating emotional blocks in the mind of the Second Brain, where our Emotional Memory is stored. This has a negative effect on the logical mind of the head because it gets swamped with ‘emotional data’. Often we are not consciously aware of this but suddenly find ourselves less capable of self-control and attention, and less on the ball. What used to seem like a relatively easy task suddenly appears like an impossible feat, and we may find it hard to keep calm and think clearly.

Second Brain Psychologysbpfavicon offers a new approach which allows one to quickly get to the root of these problems which tend to be caused by an overload of the mind of the Second Brain. Crisis resolution and performance optimization are addressed by freeing the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain of stress and negative emotions and by re-aligning the two minds. This can be achieved through treatment using this method or by means of SBP logo_2017 Workshops.

Read more about the workings of the mind of the Second Brain and the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain in the preview of the book “You, Me and Second Brain Psychology” by Armando Ingegnieri.

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us for your free introductory talk, in person, by phone or on Skype.


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