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Relationships are all based on interaction and communication. Although that may seem obvious, what is less obvious is that interaction and communication are governed by the mind of the Second Brain, the unconscious emotional mind situated in the brain of the gut, scientifically known as Second Brain. This mind produces our emotional drives and our attraction/repulsion mechanism towards others. That is why relationships can often be, or at least seem, illogical. It is also why we get tend to be guided by our emotions in our relationships.

The mind of the Second Brain is at the core of our psyche and sets the scene for our innate temperament, our style of communication and our way of relating to others. Friction is often caused by the different ways of interacting which is greatly influenced by the psyche of the Second Brain, referred to as Emotional Matrix of the Second Brain, which sets the scene for our personality traits.

The mind of the Second Brain is a symbolic mind with its own way of interpreting reality, and it is the driving force behind everything we do.

This mind has its own memory, referred to as the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain. Whatever is stored in the Emotional Memory of the Second Brain also plays a major role in our interaction with others. It also conditions our choice of love partner although we may not be aware of it.

By understanding how the mind of the Second Brain influences our needs with respect to our interaction with others, it becomes possible to overcome the gap which often bars the way to a more constructive form of interaction.

This can be done by attending a SBP logo_2017Workshop.

For more complex situations, treatment with Second Brain Psychologysbpfavicon will address the root of the matter by interacting with the psyche of the Second Brain in order to re-process the situations of the past which are causing psycho-emotional blocks and unconscious repetitive schemes.

To know more, call us to book a free meeting, in person or on Skype.

Read more in the preview of the book You, Me and Second Brain Psychology‘ by Armando Ingegnieri, Ph.D.



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